House, garden and farm tours

A tour is a window into what permaculture design applied to a property, and to life, can look like after 22 years. Murrnong has been evolving since 1996 from what was a grass field. These days Murrnong is a self-reliant home and farm, with food gardens, tree crop agriculture, and shelter forestry of trees and shrubs.

What a tour can include

Typically a tour will progress from the house, to the gardens, to the garden farming, tree crops, and forestry. See how considered permaculture design and ongoing management can lead to an inspiringly regenerated and attractive landscape that sustains family, friends, visitors, and customers. Get a sense of what productive downshifter life can be like.

Meet the chickens, Alfred the very friendly rooster, the milking goats, and Murrnong designer and developer, David Arnold.

Upcoming tours

Our house, garden and farm tour, as part of the 2019 Off-Grid Living Festival, was a huge success. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@murrnongfarm) or sign up to our mailing list (link on homepage) for information on the Spring 2019 and Autumn 2020 tours as it is released