Autumn house, garden and farm tour

Sunday 17th May 2020, 2-4.30pm, at Murrnong

A Murrnong tour is a window into what permaculture design applied to a property, and to life, can look like after 23 years.

Murrnong has been evolving since 1996 from what was a grass field. These days Murrnong is a self-reliant home and farm, with food gardens, tree crop agriculture, and shelter forestry of trees and shrubs.

What a tour can include

Typically a tour will progress from the house, to the gardens, to the garden farming, tree crops, and forestry. See how considered permaculture design and ongoing management can lead to a regenerated and attractive landscape that sustains family, friends, visitors, and customers. Get a sense of what productive downshifter life can be like.

Meet the chickens, Alfred the very friendly rooster, the milking goats, and Murrnong designer and developer, David Arnold.