2016-2017 Permaculture Design Course

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2016-2017 Murrnong PDC

DATE: Nov 19 2016 – May 14 2017  –  A 14 Day Course, shared over 7 weekend sessions from Spring 2016 – Autumn 2017. This extended format gives you time to take what you’ve learnt each session, thoroughly digest it all, absorb the sometimes life-changing content, and grow together as a learning community through these seasons. 

This PDC engages and immerses you in design examples, at Murrnong, and at other sites, with examples from intensive urban to rural to bush land. We try to include something hands on and practical each day.

Through a series of design exercises you will be supported to prepare a retrofit plan for an existing building, and then to prepare a permaculture landscape plan for the land around that building. Most people choose their home and garden as the subject for this design work. 

On completion of the course you will receive a permaculture design certificate, and become part of the worldwide permaculture movement. Here are some things that participants said about the 2015-2016 Murrnong PDC.

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What will I learn in the course?

We look at how houses can be modified to be more energy efficient and comfortable, and how home gardens and farms can be set up to be productive healthy attractive spaces for the people and animals that live there. You will learn to identify how buildings and landscapes work, and ways to modify this so they work better, and require less external input.

More broadly, you will gain analysis and design skills, an understanding of our domestic and human ecology within the global context, an understanding of how our landscapes function, experience with solutions and strategies that are already being developed, and an understanding of the methods being used to achieve this.

You will be special guests at exciting permaculture sites, each quite different, to gain an understanding of the scope and scale to which permaculture can be applied. Within these sites we engage with elements ranging from intensive urban to rural homesteading, farming, forestry, ecological building and energy efficient retrofit, and from long established to under recent active development.

We will see and discuss how any permaculture is a combination of people and place, an expression of the culture of the people doing it.

See more about site visits here.

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Learn by immersion, interaction, pc flower 2015engagement, and pragmatic analysis. All sessions use the range of land uses and buildings at the sites for demonstration, engagement, and participation, to develop your practical design skills. 

The topic areas cover these seven domains of permaculture action, left, with particular focus on solutions to the practical challenges we face in our own efforts to re-localise ourselves, our families, and our communities.principles circle 2015

The principles of permaculture design are explored and returned to throughout the course. For more information about these principles and the permaculture domains, (and an answer to ‘what is permaculture’) see here.

Course Details

Tutors: Click here to learn more about your hosts David Arnold, Beck Lowe and other guest presenters.

Food: Fruit from the Murrnong orchards is supplied with morning and afternoon tea.

We all contribute to the shared lunch. This becomes a highlight and an inspiration for what we have each been able to produce at home, or source locally.

Produce grown and made at Murrnong Farm is available to purchase.

Camping: For each PDC weekend, overnight camping is possible, by arrangement. See some of the range of spaces available at Murrnong for camping, here.

The weekends:

Nov 19 & 20, Dec 10 & 11
Feb 11 & 12, Mar 11 & 12, Apr 8 & 9, Apr 29 & 30, May 13 & 14
The evening of Saturday May 13 is the end of course party for families and housemates.
(We understand that occasionally someone will have a dates clash. If you have to miss more than two of the days, we see about catching you up.)

Where: Murrnong Farm is easily accessible by road or train, just at the end of the Violet Town main street, here, a very walk-able 1 km from the train station. We carpool to access other sites.

Cost: $990, includes 14 days of class covering all topics required to award you with your Permaculture Design Certificate & give you the tools to develop your own permaculture life practice.

Early Bird Special: $920 must book before 16th October.

Couples discount: $1800 full PDC for two to bring your partner.

If you have done a PDC before, and want to do this one, contact us to discuss a discounted price. book_now_button_yellow

If you have any questions, contact us at Murrnong to discuss: 

phone: 61 3 5798 1679
email: murrnong@gmail.com

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