Learning exchange testimonials

“Helping in Murrnong is living in Murrnong. David’s demeanour consist in giving you the possibility to take initiatives and contribute to the farm. It’s an outdoor university and a perfect getaway from our consumer society.” Gabriel Lellouche, 2017, Systems Engineer

Florent Marrot 2017 cropped and resized

“It has been such a pleasure! Thank you so much for all that we have been sharing these last 3 weeks. Your way of living is so inspiring, I’m looking forward to find a land in south of France and start doing it!
By the way, Grace, once I will have  a land, you can be sure that there will be a shovel waiting for you!” Florent Marrot, 2017, Landscape Architect

“I planned to stay 2.5 weeks, and ended up staying 4 weeks at Davids beautiful permaculture farm! I really enjoyed this, one of my best times in Australia. At his farm you can learn and experience so many different things, David knows a lot about sustainable living, permaculture, natural building etc. For me, working there never really felt like work, it was more a fun- learning experience, like milking the goats, picking olives or nuts, cooking and trying out new things (with the help of a local chef staying there at the moment). Also, I was really lucky to be there during a natural building workshop, where I got the opportunity to be part of the build of a beautiful small cob house.”
Selma Oren, 2015

I have just spent three weeks at Murrnong and enjoyed a truly rewarding experience. David is a natural teacher, always patient and generous with his knowledge, and his very well established permaculture farm offers a wide range of activities and learning opportunities.
Chris Colefax, 2015

“Every day is different. If you show interest in a certain aspect of the farm or routine, David will remember and try to include you in those. .. I was amazed at the level of thought put into even the most simple daily tasks to rely on natural processes and conserve resources.” Eljon, software engineer, March 2020

Lucille Roux’s blog review, 2012

Christian Parr’s blog review, 2010

“You are an excellent permaculture teacher/mentor and I am truly grateful for the heaps of insight, inspiration and knowledge that you have imparted.” Kareen Erbe, 2006, now of Broken Ground Permaculture.

“The compost toilet was a bit weird at first but its pretty cool that you use my poo to make your trees better.” Lieke Wienk, 2017

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