Living and Working with Trees and Shrubs

Sunday 13th October 2019, 9am-4pm, at Murrnong, Violet Town

Design for, plant, and manage trees and shrubs for maximum and diverse benefits.

David Arnold shares knowledge gained in over 20 years of farm forestry and integrated tree crops management. This workshop covers how managed trees and shrubs can successfully provide biodiversity, habitat, bee forage, fire risk reduction wind shelter, privacy, amenity and beauty alongside direct yields of food, wood and animal fodder.

Our main focus for the day is on the management decisions we make, the yields we benefit from, and the tasks we do as trees and shrubs grow. In particular we will consider tree crops for food, forestry plantings and perimeter shelter belts.

We use Murrnong, the 8 hectare tree crop property designed and developed by David since 1996, as venue and for practical demonstration. Here, trees and shrubs make up habitat and shelter frameworks that enhance the health of the property and provide multiple yields while protecting productive and diverse food plantings. These days Murrnong is an uncommon example of consistently managed and utilised productive tree planting.

This workshop is an opportunity to experience and consider how managed plantings can evolve to look, feel, and function after so many years of development and use.

Morning tea provided. Bring along a potluck lunch to share, or pay a little extra to have your share of lunch provided for you. On-site camping is available by arrangement.

or contact us to discuss.