PDC Testimonials

“I have to say it’s been one of the best educational experiences for me. I see changes that I can make everywhere & it’s opened my eyes to a depth of living in a way that I really didn’t know existed. I am honestly more excited about my future now, & that of those around me, than I have ever been because of it.”  Krystelle

“I’ve been reflecting on the PDC often since it finished, and I am ever more amazed at the transformative impact it’s had on our lives. I owe you massive thanks, more that I can adequately express. I mean, we expected to come away from the course with a firm direction for the improvement of our property, and that’s exceeded our hopes. We know what is likely to work for us, and we have a design that we are really confident with, and that we can comfortably continue to refine over time. But it’s the numerous other benefits we’ve derived from the course that astound me.
For example, the patterns/details distinction has helped me in everything from planning teaching units, to parenting, to diet, to holidays, to sewing garments. Staying at “pattern” thinking for longer, and not getting lost in details, means I am making more sensible, informed and cohesive decisions.” Michelle

The course was fantastic but particularly the genuine people & their sharing of experiences & knowledge. The visual & hands on learning whilst immersed in the outdoor classrooms definitely connected us to why we were there and I got a lot out of every site we visited.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing your immense knowledge with us, my life is certainly enriched from  the experience. For a few days after our graduation weekend I felt an inner peace and calmness  that I have never experienced before.”   Donna

“Even though I already had broad natural resource management knowledge, undertaking the PDC has led me to the start of the path of a deeper level of thinking … a pivotal life moment for me. Being able to undertake a PDC locally in North East Victoria with a long experienced and respected teacher has also been a privilege. Thank you David for so generously sharing your knowledge, time and energy. The impacts of teaching a PDC well are exponential, Murrnong is changing the world!”   Charlie

“Loved every minute of it, it re-enforced many of the principles of energy, water saving and re-cycling that I’d been practicing for many years. Also the chance to meet like-minded people and to share information, advice, plant cuttings and seeds, plus the yummy lunches created by innovative cooks with fresh, home grown produce.
Great venue and I’m so pleased that I was able to participate in a PDC that was virtually all outdoors and not in a classroom setting.”  

“Exciting, challenging, empowering, an absolute journey that reassures, encourages and educates…….(David A) your teaching style is gentle, generous, and backed by vast knowledge. you are patient, open and a very clear communicator so the learning journey was easy and uncomplicated.”  Jade

“I loved the content – it made sense to me and my focus in life. …one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. …And the food was awesome, loved the sharing and storytelling about food too. …I was on a permaculture high after our last weekend.”    Nicky

It was great to be given the opportunity to explore the wide range of designs, gardens and projects that different people had going. Each was so varied and I was learning something new every time. … Murrnong itself displayed so many examples of the principles and ethics of permaculture, providing a realistic approach to the life style.
Sunshine, rain or hail, I actually preferred working in the out-of-doors environment and open shelters. Having nature around you really adds an active, exciting flow to the classes.