RetroSuburbia in Wangaratta

Sunday 22nd September 2019, 9am-4pm, at Eric and Lauren Bittner’s place in west Wangaratta, Victoria.

Join us for this workshop, in which David Arnold will take us through applying permaculture thinking tools to practical challenges, starting right at home. 

We will consider behavioural, built, and biological elements of suburban life, which may need to be retrofitted or modified. We can use the ethics, principles and design processes of permaculture across all aspects of our lives, at home, work and in the community, to help us lead more productive, regenerative and connected lives.   

In this one day workshop we will
– discuss the origins, principles and global context of permaculture
– consider examples of permaculture being applied to the house, garden and lives of our hosts for the day
– discuss some of the challenges and solutions being applied in other urban settings.
There will be some opportunity to discuss the practical challenges and opportunities that you are working with at your own place, especially if these challenges can be concisely described to David and the group.

The venue is a fairly standard 1950’s weatherboard home on 620 sq metres of land, about 1/6th of an acre. For which they have a plan! We will consider options and possibilities, and Eric will present his retrofit plan for the house, and his landscape plan for the garden.

Come prepared to get your hands a little dirty, and your head brimming with positive solutions.

Morning tea provided. Bring along a potluck lunch to share, or pay a little extra and have Eric prepare a contribution to the shared lunch for you.

The day finishes at 4pm for those that need to get home. If you can stay a while, we will have a social hour on Eric and Lauren’s deck, with snacks and refreshments available.

or contact us to discuss