PDC Tutors

David Holmgren
David co-originated the idea of permaculture with Bill Mollison bDavid Holmgren PDCack in 1976, and wrote Permaculture One as his honours thesis. As well as being a highly capable practical person – gardener, builder, environmental engineer – his impressive list of publications have provided much of the intellectual and practical foundation of permaculture. His forthcoming book RetroSuburbia, to be launched in February 2018, has been conceived as a resource and manual for those of us wanting to make the shift from dependent consumers to self-reliant producers.

David ArnoDavid 2015 tour croppedld 
After his PDC in 1991, David started by permaculturing his back and front yards in West Preston, Melbourne. He has been developing Murrnong, just on the edge of Violet Town, since 1996. Along the way he has done permaculture design and development work across North East and North Central Victoria. Through these various projects he developed skills and expertise in design and development for home self-sufficiency, farm planning, farm scale tree and shrub landscaping, farm forestry, homestead orchards, tree crops, ecological building and energy efficient retrofit of existing buildings, and even a dabble in publishing when he conceived the Permaculture Calendar.

The trees have grown, Murrnong has become a farm, and has become David’s main occupation, with a stall at regional farmer’s markets most Saturdays, farm tours, courses and workshops.

Beck Lowe Master of Sustainable Agriculture, BSc, Diploma of Permaculture beck-apple-tree
Beck has been practising permaculture since completing her PDC in 1994.  In that time she has been doing permaculture in rural and urban areas, and on community projects such as Gravel Hill Gardens in Bendigo. She lives near Heathcote in central Victoria on a 40-acre permaculture farm with food forests, milking and meat goats, poultry and other food systems, as well as areas of native vegetation. She has a special interest in animals in permaculture, and in ecological systems. She has written for various publications including Permaculture Activist, Pip Australian Permaculture magazine and Earth Garden’s City Permaculture. Beck loves tutoring on PDCs and also runs Accredited Permaculture Training. (Her website includes the blog of her 2015 visit to the very hardy original wild apple forests of Kazakhstan.)

Grahame Egrahame-eddyddy 

In 2007 Grahame moved with his young family back to Northern Victoria where he grew up. Since then he and his wife Lisa have been working to transform a 1.2 hectare property on the edge of their small town. They make their living from this property, Katamatite Garlic, with their small commercial production, and with property tours. Although Grahame has been a student and practitioner of permaculture for many years, and the property is evidence of that, he completed his PDC in 2017 and found it to be a very rewarding and affirming experience. He is a ‘people person’ who loves plants and particularly loves soil.

kate holmes

Kate Holmes
Kate is our home self-reliance specialist. She is a plant nerd, garden nerd, seed saving nerd, fungi nerd, fermentation nerd, keen observer, and successful home school Mum.
Practical workshops with Kate have oodles of technical information behind them.




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