Calm autumn weather perfect for opening up hives


March 22nd 2015 Backyard Bees workshop 

With two consecutive Sundays of perfect warm, calm conditions, bees preoccupied with good nearby forage on our Spotted Gums in full flower, and a range of improvised and purpose made protective clothing, we had two terrific Backyard Bees workshops this autumn. Everyone handled and closely inspected frames covered in bees, and only one thinly gloved hand felt a bite. Nga was fine.

Suzie said “I really enjoyed the bee keeping workshop on Sunday. We came away very inspired and will definitely be getting bees.”

Steve said  “Thank you for the day it was fantastic.  I just needed exactly what you provided to round off and understand what I have been doing.  I was particularly taken by the time that you had the hive open.  I tend to be a little freaked about leaving the hive open, but not anymore as the bees were quite happy with what you/we were doing.”


March 29 2015 Backyard Bees workshop