The Art of Free Travel book talk and forage walk

art of free travel book talk Nov 4 2015 extended

The Artist as Family (Zero, Meg, Patrick, Woody and Zephyr) came through Violet Town in 2013 on their family cycle tour from Daylesford to Cape York, and back. They ‘stealth’ camped by the creek, and had a good time here. They rested, met some people, foraged for some food, found a power outlet in the park to recharge their bikes, and in return for the 20c worth of power they used (0.6kWhr) they picked up some rubbish from around the park.

Now they are coming back, again on their bikes, to talk about their book of that journey, The Art of Free Travel.

Wednesday Nov 4th, here at Murrnong. 4pm to 8pm

At 4pm, Patrick will lead a forage walk to find some of the wild foods (some of them weeds) that sustained them on their journey. This part costs $10, if you can make it here at that time, for Murrnong.

At 6pm Patrick and Meg will give a book talk about their journey, the book, how they did it, why they did it, and are they complete nutters? This is free.

Bring a plate to share if you would like to stay for a meal together afterwards.

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