Spring house, garden & farm tour, this Sunday 12th September

Spring house, garden and farm tour, Murrnong Event Banner
photo by Patrick Casey

Regional lockdown restrictions have eased just in time for our long planned House, Farm and Garden tour this Sunday, 12th September. 12.30pm to 3pm, bookings here.

Outdoor tours for up to 20 people are allowed, and there are no restrictions on travel distance within regional Victoria, other than the Shepparton bubble.

People from Melbourne mostly won’t be able travel here, but we will do another tour when restrictions lift.

Event description

Murrnong has been evolving since 1996 from what had been a grass field. These days Murrnong is a self-reliant home and farm, with food gardens, tree crop agriculture, and shelter forestry of trees and shrubs. You can see more about Murrnong at murrnong.com

What a tour can include

Typically a tour will progress from the house, to the gardens, to the garden farming, tree crops, and forestry. See how considered permaculture design and ongoing management can lead to a regenerated and attractive landscape that sustains family, friends, visitors, and customers. Get a sense of what productive downshifter life can be like.

For permaculture students, a Murrnong tour is an example of open-ended design, adapting to changing times and changing personal circumstances. It is also  an opportunity to see how tree plantings evolve over time with ongoing management, and to get a sense of the kind of space that tree plantings need as they develop.

Meet the chickens, the milking goats, and Murrnong designer and developer, David Arnold.

Farm produce will be available for sale at the beginning and end of the tour.