2023 Murrnong PDC, and summer house, garden and farm tours

It has been a big year of water, growth, and productivity, and desk work has taken a back seat for a while. Tom Simak came camping in November and took this photo below, showing the very full dam, and forest wetland full again for the 3rd time in a couple of months. I could also show photos of incredible grass growth, and so much new growth on the tree crops.

We do now have some dates. Our 2023 PDC will run from 18th Feb to 3rd Jun, 14 days over 6 weekends across those 5 months. You can read more about the PDC here, or go straight to

Here’s a photo from back in 2019, of Eric Bittner presenting a design for his place.

There are also a couple of dates for a summer house, garden and farm tour. Come and see what can be done with a grass field at the end of the main street of a small country town.  These tours offer insights and practices relevant to urban, country towns, and rural homesteads.